Wed, Oct 29, 7:30pm

Lake Street Church

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If you have attended some of our events  and agree that films with an independent viewpoint are important for an engaged, informed and  democratic society, please donate to Percolator Films! Public funding and grant support for the arts have decreased dramatically in the past few years.  We need YOUR help to sustain the programs that you and so many others in the community enjoy.

Percolator Films is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. You can either donate by sending us a check (instructions here >>>) or via PayPal.



Percolator Films is a non-profit media arts organization that produces and presents independent films that challenge, entertain, intrigue, engage, and inspire –  in short, films that provoke thought and discussion.  Read more about us here >>>

Percolator Films

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  1. Bullet   This summer, Percolator Films was honored to receive a media production grant from the Illinois Humanities Council in support of our fiscal sponsorship project COUNT ME IN. 

COUNT ME IN tells a story about money & politics with a twist: on the backdrop of Chicago’s budget woes and citizen discontent, several Chicago Aldermen are turning their $1 million infrastructure funds over to community members, who will decide directly how to spend taxpayer money in their neighborhoods.

  1. Bullet This year, our human rights documentary BENEATH THE BLINDFOLD has been introduced to many new international audience members with screenings reaching from Canada to Scotland, Norway, Australia, and Japan.